Male Executives Go To The Doctor More Than Their Female Counterparts

According to a new survey, the percentage of male CFOs visiting doctors was much higher than female CFOs. Why are men more concerned about their health than women?

The survey found that in October, out of 393 corporate CFOs, 77% had visited their doctor in the past year but clearly it was mostly men. Being a CFO is a rather stressful job which according to a recent study, can lead to more doctor visits. Workers with high-stress jobs had to visit both general practitioners and specialists about 25% more than those with low-stress jobs. But that study found that men and women went to the doctor about the same amount unlike with this survey. “Stress is clearly an occupational hazard for CFOs and perhaps their employers need to be more cognizant of that,” said Lachlan Colquhoun, Head of Markets Analysis for East & Partners, which conducted the survey.

But it may not necessarily be that women are not taking good care of themselves. The men may legitimately have more sickness than them. Men did report more serious illnesses than their female counterparts. Plus, the average age of male CFOs is likely to be higher than female CFOs.

But interestingly, according to one survey from 2011, the average man takes a total of 140 days off sick during their career, while women phone in sick 189 times. So maybe women have to go the doctor less because they rest when they feel sick.  But women are still more likely to “try their hardest to make it to their desk” and “feel guilty” if they succumb to illness.

But it could also be that women just don’t take enough time to themselves when they have a big job and a family at home. But they should be careful because stress does a number on immune systems. Past studies link stress to “back pain, colorectal cancer, infectious disease, heart problems, headaches and diabetes.” Job stress may also increase the odds that a worker will smoke, take drugs, abuse alcohol, eat poorly, and not exercise.

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