The 10 Best Companies For Internships This Year

Internships often get a bad rap. While they are good resume-builders and give you the experience employers look for, they are often unpaid and require you to do the most menial of work. However, there are internships that provide you with everything an internship should–an educational experience, meaningful work and a resume boost. And with the recovering economy, internships are a great way to break into your chosen field. If you’re still unconvinced, or you’re looking for an internship that will actually teach you something, look no further., a source for employer and university rankings and ratings, released Tuesday their list of the 10 best internships of the year based on networking opportunities, training, meaningfulness of the work, and intern satisfaction.

“Our internship rankings highlight some of the most innovative and useful prospects to our users, and our profiles offer a glimpse into what it’s really like to work inside of a particular organization,” said Tara McCaffrey, Vice-President of Marketing at

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