Presenting The Grindstone’s Election 2012 Masks For Lazy Halloweeners

You have probably been so busy this fall watching the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections that you forgot to come up with a Halloween costume. Well, don’t worry. The Grindstone has taken your favorite players from the debates and turned them into easy, realistic masks that you can wear on the big day! From Obama to Candy (and of course, Big Bird)! We’ve got them all. If you’re in a pinch for a Halloween costume this year, just double click the image you like to print out a life Grindstone size mask. Take a look!

Mitt Romney

Those debates would only have been half as entertaining without Mitt. After all, this is the man who gave us all those wonderful Big Bird and “binders full of women” quotes that the internet became almost simultaneously obsessed with and bored by over the last few weeks.

Optional Accessories: 5 strapping men, 36 grandchildren, a binder labeled “women,” or a Big Bird doll

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