The 12 Scariest People In Your Office

Halloween only comes around once a year, but that doesn’t mean its the only time you’re surrounded by frightening creatures. They may not be ghosts or monsters, but some of your co-workers and bosses can be considered terrifying in their own way. Take a look at who we think should be considered the scariest people in your office this October.

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    • dotdotdotty

      14….The Moocher. Borrows or steals anything you leave out on your desk. Worse…your lunch isn’t safe in the breakroom frig either. This person also steals your ideas and what humor you have left in the office. This moocher is also a great pretender…this person’s weekend will always sound better than yours but rest assured…it’s all fiction.

    • Youngisthan

      I think there is one scary person in every office, this post remember me of my old days when i was the scariest one in office but later the things change and i realize being scary gives you nothing who dare goes ahead.
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