10 Things Creatives Are Scared Of At Work

Most people’s phobias usually include heights, animals or some type of creepy crawler. For creatives, phobias take on a whole different meaning. These people are usually eccentric in some way, and the fears they have are no different. According to an infographic put together by Column Five, the writers, advertising gurus and graphic designers in your office are afraid of unconventional things like cubicles, Microsoft Excel and the “helicopter boss.” I get it. The confines of a desk can really stifle creativity, man.  The graphic also reveals that creatives are afraid of really lame fonts like Comic Sans and Papyrus. Believe it or not, a visual journalism professor of mine once gave a lecture on why to avoid those fonts because they convey an unprofessional personality. Yeah, its that serious. But, some of the other fears listed aren’t that crazy. They include setting a price for freelance work, not being able to say no to a project and asking for extensions. Take a look at the rest below.


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