7 Annoying Tips For Making Working From Home Just Like Your Actual Job

Though Wall Street is back at work today, they were home yesterday and the day before. And for those of you that are still at home, waiting out the storm, you may be getting a bad case of cabin fever. On Monday we gave you some tips on how to work from home but now we want to help you so you really feel like you are at the office. Whether you know it or not, you may actually miss being in an office. That is why we stole a few tips from our friends over at New York Magazine on how to make your home environment more like your work environment . They focused on Wall Street and included tips like having neighbors give you a big assignment at 11 pm for the following morning, taping cardboard to the sides of your computer monitor, etc). These were great but we would like to make this more broad so it can apply to almost any job for any day you may find yourself working from home.

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