7 Wrong Reasons Women Are The Focus Of Election 2012


With The Presidential Election just four days away, The Grindstone takes a look back at the important role women played on the campaign trail – for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, we mentioned in an earlier article, The Washington Post reported that for more than 40 years, women have been the most reliable voting bloc, outnumbering men at the ballot box, saying, “Both political parties have cruised to power in recent elections on the strength of the female vote. In 2008, Obama got 56% of women’s votes, an astonishing number for a non-incumbent. Two years later, women favored Republicans over Democrats for Congress, 49% to 48%, in what was widely seen as a rebuke of the first two years of the Obama administration.”

Now, it’s anyone’s game, and women are not merely pawns; we’ve got the power of queens. If only we’d be treated that way…

Here’s a recap of our takeaway from the election. Apparently, rape is a technicality and a part of God’s plan, wanting contraceptives to be covered by healthcare makes us sluts, binders are where we belong and going twinsies with your frenemy makes front-page news.


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