5 Power Tips for Women In Their Careers

As a woman, I know we are incredible, brilliant, insightful, powerful, and capable of making a positive impact on a global scale. If that’s true, why does it seem like so many of us are sabotaging our successes, holding ourselves back, or missing the mark? After working with thousands of women, in a variety of training/coaching settings, five common themes have emerged on where women seem to be getting stuck. Women are spending too much time and energy invested in activities that do not make any positive contribution, personally or professionally, to our lives. At the risk of triggering some backlash, it’s to time to collectively name what may be going awry so we can address it, rectify it, and then successfully move beyond it.

Where are we going to learn how to move through the places we are getting stuck?

We are going to learn by taking a few tips from they guys on this one.

Many of you may be shaking your head thinking, “Seriously? Is she kidding? Is this some kind of joke?!”

There is nothing funny about this. Women have universally agreed, in training and after training, that too many of us consistently waste valuable time and energy getting stuck in areas we don’t need to be stuck on. Our misguided and misdirected focus derails, diminishes, and depletes us. These energy drains are limiting performance, achievement, and success- and they need to stop.

If we paid attention to how men are moving through the world, we could learn a lot. Men seem to know a few things about where to sink, or not sink, their valuable energy. Men aren’t perfect, and there are certainly many areas for men to improve on, but there are some areas where, generally speaking, men are pretty solid- and it’s worth taking some notes on what they know!

What is it (most) men know, and what (a lot of) women could benefit from remembering? Here are the top five tips to make sure you have a handle on:

1. The workplace is not a platform for your personal life.
Yes, you have a lot going on, but I say with love, get in line. Everyone has a lot going on. Being alive means stuff happens, every day, and as long as you’re above ground that’s not going to change. What does this mean? You aren’t “on the clock” to assess, process, and ponder events in your world. You are being paid to work, so practice compartmentalizing and focus on what you’re here to do. Whirling in your personal angst isn’t doing anything to rectify things in your personal life, and it’s wreaking havoc on your career. You aren’t getting things done and you’re losing credibility. You spent too much time and energy in your life cultivating “the professional” to let it all go down the drain because of “the personal.” *Footnote: It never pays to try and play the, “you don’t know how bad I have it” game, because someone else is always going to have it worse. And, it’s safe to say this is one game you never want to win. Remember that.

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    • Lastango

      “As a woman, I know we are incredible, brilliant, insightful, powerful, and capable of making a positive impact on a global scale.”
      Well, if someone wants to migrate parts of their own thinking into manspace, might it not be a good idea to stop talking like that? No man writing a column about professionalism is ever going to title it “5 power tips…”. This self-sabotaging fixation on power has got to go on the scrapheap. It reminds me of how women who outearn their husbands tend to think they should have the power in the relationship too. As someone put one aspect of this challenging arrangement, when he’s the breadwinner, it’s their money. When she’s the breadwinner, she thinks it’s her money.
      So, how can we rephrase that thought while shedding the sense of entitlement and retaining the affirmation? How about, “We women are capable, professional, insightful, skilled, and many of us are ready to make important contributions at every level.”