Sheryl Crow Wants A Woman In The White House, But The Feminists Are Mad

Musician Sheryl Crow has a new song out and it has a pretty direct message: Put a woman in the White House. Though the song, “Woman in The White House”, is very much pro-women, some of the lyrics have offended feminists.

The song’s lyrics include:

“It’s time to clean out Capitol Hill/With a shovel and pair of high heels/because we need/a little female common sense.”

“Well we like to spend money/But not money we ain’t got/And we can balance a checkbook.”

“There’ll be a lot less fussing and fighting and carrying on/There’ll be a lot more loving and listening and getting along.”

Anna Holmes, writer, editor, and founder of Jezebel, said the website “looks like a bad ‘chick lit’ title.” She continued, “She means well but this is actually sort of patronizing and gender essentialist and cutesy and dumb.”

Amanda Marcotte, writer and editor of Pandagon, agreed, telling Raw Story, “Women deserve to be in power alongside men not because we’re more empathetic or kinder or better listeners, but because we’re equal to men. If you’re looking for someone who plays nice and shares, you aren’t going to find it in a politician, male or female.”

The lyrics are a bit more honky-tonk and fun then they are a deep, strategic plan for getting a woman into the White House but I don’t think Sheryl was looking for this to be covered on C-SPAN. She certainly wanted to make a statement but I don’t think she was looking to make a particularly profound one, considering all the generalizations she made. Not all women like to spend money and just because we can balance a check book doesn’t mean we can balance the fiscal budget. The only lyric that should really be taken seriously is the “We need a woman in the White House.”

But I will bet you, when a woman does run for President in the next decade, this song will be featured during the campaign.





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