The Women From Sex & The City “Would Do Something Terrible” Before Voting For Romney. Even Charlotte?

According to Cynthia Nixon, the characters from Sex & the City are all staunch Democrats. Nixon who played attorney Miranda said in a recent interview:

“I think Miranda Hobbes would rather shoot herself in the head than vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is so terrible on women’s issues.”

I know that there are women who support [Romney], and it’s hard for me to understand, but certainly Miranda nor Carrie nor Charlotte nor Samantha, none of those women would ever vote for Mitt Romney. They would do something terrible first before they would ever vote for Mitt Romney.”

Shoot themselves or do something terrible first? Like murder someone terrible or wear shoes from DSW terrible? And they would do this instead of voting for Romney? That is pretty extreme, even for a woman who ate an entire chocolate cake in one night once.

But this does make sense considering that two of the characters on the show had abortions and a third considered it. Though, as you may recall. Charlotte left the restaurant when the women had their “abortion talk.” Was she just upset because of her infertility problems or maybe she was against it? Her character was certainly the most conservative of the bunch (in relationship, style and her personality) so perhaps she would be in her politics too? You know Charlotte would have totally loved to have dated a Romney brother. If she could convert to Judaism, she could certainly convert to Mormonism.

Plus, birth control was often talked about on the show since all of these women were having cough cough a ton of cough cough sex (even Charlotte.) So they would probably appreciate Obama’s stance on birth control.

According to The Huffington Post, Nixon said she was inspired to campaign for Obama after hearing a speech by Michelle. She went on to explain why she is supporting the president, mentioning the the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and Obamacare. She also appreciated President Obama’s stance on gay marriage as she herself is a lesbian and just got married.

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