8 Great Things About Voting During The Work Day

It is voting day! Well we are getting close to the end so hopefully you already went out and voted so you have a ton to feel great about. But if you are still glued to your office chair and haven’t gone out  to vote, keep these things in mind. Here are 10 great things about voting during the work day:

1) You get to leave work! Plus the lines are really long so you could probably miss two solid hours of work time. It is like you are starring in your own really boring version of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

2) You can buy food while you are out. Yes, you brought a sandwich to work but you just voted! You deserve a Ceasar Salad!

3) You can wear a voting outfit. This is a special occasion. It is a patriotic day. Wear something red or blue!

4) You get a sticker. Most places give you a sticker after you voted and then you can get free stuff!

5) You get to tell everyone you voted. This will make people who didn’t vote feel pretty bad about themselves.

6) You will not be haunted by the ghosts of the women’s suffragette movement. Susan B. Anthony will not be standing in your room  in the middle of the night watching you sleep, or she will be doing it in a loving way.

7) You get to wait in a line! Who doesn’t love that? The tension, the awkwardness, fun! Plus, this will be refreshing for New Yorkers cause waiting in this line won’t determine if they can charge their cell phone or commute somewhere.

8) You helped elect the future President of the United States…hopefully it was the one you wanted.


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