And Now We Ask, Is Hillary Next?


Whew! Aren’t you glad the presidential elections are over? Not so fast Facebook-ranters. Both parties start their 2016 search for new leaders, and the biggest question swirling around the Democratic Party is, “Will Hillary Clinton run again?”

Though the Secretary of State has repeatedly denied any interest in running for president again – even firmly claiming to step down from her current post and retire from politics altogether after the 2012 Election – speculation whispers otherwise.

“It’s important for me to step off this incredibly high wire I’ve been on,” she said, “to take stock of the rest of my life,” Clinton said in an interview with Marie Claire, repeating the same exact line in many other subsequent interviews.

But, as CNN’s Elise Labott points out, the overwhelming encouragement provided by supporters around the world, might just be enough to convince her to run again since Clinton has told Labott in a past interview that politics is what she’s made of.

“Google the phrase ‘Hillary Clinton for President’ and ‘2016’ and you get no less that 4 million hits, including a couple ‘Hillary for 2016′ Facebook pages,” Labott says. And even if she means what she says, her supporters are hoping after she recharges her batteries after her term as Secretary of State ends, Hillary’s political juices will start flowing again. After all, this is a woman who told me in an interview in February that politics was in her DNA.”

In her 20 years of life in the public eye, Clinton has enjoyed her highest popularity ratings recently with websites chronicling her career, begging her to run for president again, and even before the 2012 election was even over, as Dana Hughes with ABC News reports, people are selling Hillary 2016 sweatshirts online.

But, it doesn’t stop at her homeland. Clinton is popular around the world too. The Washington Journal writes that in her last visit to Beijing, Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo teased the 65 year old playfully, saying, “You will be still be young when you are president.”

Clinton will be 69 in 2016.

Additionally, in a hypothetical poll conducted by YouGov and reported by The Guardian, Hillary Clinton would have apparently won by a landslide against Mitt Romney. The article was published on Nov. 2 and compared Barack Obama’s one-point lead in real race.

If Clinton decides not to run, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York – who beat attorney Wendy Long in girl-power race The Grindstone reported yesterday for her first full term in office –  would be a likely alternative.  She is very popular in the large state, and being a woman, she would be important since 60% of Democratic primary voters are female, reports.


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    • Lastango

      Her biggest encouragement to run may be the bone-stupid Republican Party. First they served up John McCain, who would have lost to any non-horrible Democrat. They followed this with Mitt Romney, a northeast RINO and compassless, low-energy dilettante who campaigned like he was entitled to be president.
      When that’s the best the opposition can do, why wouldn’t she want to take a shot at it?

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