Claire McCaskill’s Win Is Being Overshadowed By Her Daughters’ Style

Throughout this entire election both wives of politicians as well as female politicians have gotten attention for their style as much as their views on abortion and the economy. But we thought maybe when a woman actually won, we would focus on that. But oh no. We we wrong. Last night Senator Claire McCaskill won the race for the Missouri senate seat. But the focus was not on the fact that she beat controversial Todd Akin with a 15 percentage-point margin( which is what she had been expected to lose by at least that much), but that her daughters had great and unique style.

Maddie and Lily McCaskill were working the fashion on the podium up there after their mom’s win and it stole the media show. Styleite gave them kudos for sporting milkmaid braids and being similar to fashionista Alexa Chung. BuzzFeed called them the “breakout stars of Claire McCaskill’s victory speech.”  Tweeters couldn’t decide whether one of the women looked more like a Streep daughter, Leelee Sobieski or Chloe Sevigny. Though the crowd overwhelmingly went with the Sevingy comparison.

But should we be surprised that people are more interested in Claire McCaskill’s daughters’ odd use of color blocking than her mother’s win? Not really considering the attention fashion got in this election. And we admit that fashion can play a strategic role during a politician’s campaign. “When an image can go viral in seconds, having a team look after you clothing, hair styling and makeup direction is as important as having the right speech writer. The wrong image can ruin a campaign, these days,” Accessory & Style Correspondent Pamela Peckerman told The Grindstone. But McCaskill had already won. She didn’t need the help.

Photo: St. Louis Today‘s Facebook page

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