7 TV Characters Who Could Not Afford Their Apartments On Their Salaries

Now that the election is over we can focus on important things like fictional characters and whether they can afford real estate or not. Who can forget the Greenwich Village two bedroom apartment shared by waitress Rachel and often unemployed chef Monica on Friends? Or what about Carrie Bradshaw’s rent-stabilized $1800 Upper East Side one bedroom with that oh-so amazing closet? Apartments on TV are great, but realistic they are not. Let’s take a look at some of the apartment on TV now and see why the women who live in them can’t afford them.


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    • http://twitter.com/princessology Chaka ♥

      “Max and Caroline’s apartment on Glee on 2 Broke Girls”

      wait, what?

    • mileena

      I think Max specifically states in an episode that they shouldn’t make trouble with the new neighbor upstairs when they find out she know’s the land lord. because the land lord will then wonder where the real tenant on the lease is, and wheres the rent….