The Latest Bond Girl And Other Women Who Got Their Dream Jobs In Unconventional Ways


Ian Fleming’s Skyfall, the 23rd adventure in the James Bond saga, premieres tomorrow in the U.S.. You may have noticed that the newest Bond girl in the film, though stunning, is not a household name. She is French actress Bérénice Marlohe and according to her IMDb page, she has mostly been in B-list French films.So how does a foreign no-name actress catapult herself into a group that includes Halle Berry, Eva Green, Famke Janssen and Kim Basinger? You may be surprised.

Now, you probably think that the casting directors for James Bond films just have a roster of gorgeous actresses to choose from to play the latest woman to sleep with Bond and then try to kill him but Marlohe got her job in a very interesting way. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 33-year-old actress describes how she pitched herself for the part with amazing resilience:

” ‘I spent two days looking for everybody I could find,’ says the French actress, ‘down to the lighting and sound guys. Eventually I got the e-mail address of the casting director, and I sent in my reel.’ ”

It’s a wild story that shows hell hath no fury like a woman determined. But, this Cinderella story isn’t confined to showbiz. Read on to hear three stories of real-life women who decided that going out-of-the-box was their last shot at catching a career break of a lifetime.

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      If Bérénice can’t manage to kill James Bond in that black outfit, the job simply can’t be done.