HR Mistake Of The Week: The Guy Who’s Firing All His Employees Because Obama Won

So it goes after every election, the losing side of Tuesday’s contests have had to eat a lot of crow this week. Conservative pollsters who predicted a Mitt Romney landslide had to admit they were way off. (“Nate Silver was right, and I was wrong,” one said yesterday.) Others just had to admit they were disappointed. And then there’s the guy who vowed to fire all his employees if President Obama won re-election.

Atlantic writer James Fallows received a note from a Southern business owner on Monday. He stayed anonymous, but said he runs a high-tech business. Here’s what he said would happen if Obama won on Tuesday:

I will tell you what happens, I close my business of 10 years and lay off my employees. I am done. Thats what happens. You might consider me one of those know nothings but I am highly educated, run a high technology company with several very high paying positions and am very much steeped in US History and am a stalwart in the notion of individual liberty and self reliance.


Freedom and liberty built this nation, not parasites like Obama and ilk. Obama has never produce anything in his life. Nothing, zero. Yet he is qualified to lead? Really? I have worked for leaders and he is no leader. …


Why should I continue to work myself into the dirt just to have it confiscated to transfer wealth to a parasite class? …

You want jobs, you create them because I am finished. Atlas will indeed shrug and I have no clue whom you and other democrats think is going to pay the tab because there is no money left to burn.

Fallows’s readers reacted with shock and disgust at this announcement. As one of them said, other businesses will surely step in to fill any opening this guy leaves behind. “I’m just fed up with the ‘job creators’ who think they create the market rather than demand creating their opportunities,” one of them wrote. “As a business owner myself, I understand that without a functioning society, my business skills amount to zilch.”

Other doubted the guy was even an actual business owner, but was instead a progressive writing an email in the voice of a mustache-twirling evil Republican. But the guy Fallows calls “Atlas Shrugged guy” — named after the über-capitalist book by Ayn Rand, a favorite author of vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan — is real, he says. This means an actual human being in charge of a $500,000 payroll is going to take all his toys and go home since the election didn’t go his way.

On election night, “Atlas Shrugged guy” wrote Fallows a series of increasingly hysterical emails as it became clear that Obama would cruise to victory. “Enjoy poverty,” he said. “Looks like I am closing up shop. So be it. You wanted jobs, LOL, you make them.” Later he added, “Notices start tomorrow.” So it seems he’s going ahead with the firing.

“Atlas Shrugged Guy” would be nothing more than a hilarious hysterical if it weren’t for one thing: Those employees are for real, and apparently they’re losing their jobs. Don’t be that guy.

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