The Secret To Securing Your Dream Job

Ever had the job you despised? The interview process was great, the facility beautiful, the co-workers kind, and a month later, you were ready to quit.

It turns out, all was not as it seemed. Before accepting your next job offer, do your research first and know as much as you can about the people – and the company – you’re planning to work for. While research alone may not determine whether you accept or turn down the job offer, it’s a critical component.

However, a simple Google search won’t always uncover what you need to know – especially since many firms practice “reputation management”, where they try to wipe incriminating information off the web. To avoid this, start by doing a company check with (short for “due diligence”); it will provide information on the company you’re considering, from its financial standing to pending lawsuits, directors past and present, history, and long-term performance.

The company check will also turn up documents your potential employer is legally required to file – ones that could give you a revealing peek into how things are going at the company, as well as its potential.

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