9 Of Our Favorite Offices From TV Shows

So, we all know television characters are all fun and make-believe, but some TV characters have real serious offices. Like, seriously awesome offices. They aren’t always the biggest, even though Jack Donaghy’s office on 30 Rock could host a prom, but they are great in their own way. Check out the characters with the coolest offices. Prepare for jealousy to ensue.

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    • Lastango

      They have wonderful jobs, and wonderful lives. Natch’ they need desk space to match. It’s fun to see offices with personality, though I’ll admit that in the zillion or so offices I’ve visited the only ones I’ve seen like that were occupied by university professors.


      The corporate bigwheel offices were nice indeed, but that was achieved by professional decorating. There was nothing personal about any of them. “Slick” or “posh” maybe, but not personal. Even the couch arrangements, plants, and knee-deep carpeting didn’t make these spaces homey… more like a private corner of a boutique hotel lobby. Scattering knick-knacks around does not a homey office make.


      For me, the ideal office would one where I can take my dogs to work. The office I lusted after the most? I went to visit someone who worked for a firm that was a household name from about 1890 to 1960, and back around 1920 or so had built a regal headquarters that occupied a city block and had a lawn around it. Polished marble hallways and the whole bit. Anyway, this guy had an office furnished in a matched mahogany set which included glass-door-fronted cabinets — all in exquisite condition. I would guess it dated from not later than 1930-1940. I’ve never seen anything like it, even in pictures. I’ve very fond of heritage homes and buildings, so I was in heaven. The building not so much… it was trying too hard to be *grand*, and had a cold, commercial feel. Less stone and more wood inside would have helped.