Fake Lessons From Start-Ups: Silicon Valley: Sexism, Rejection And Why You Shouldn’t Live Blog Your Dates

Well we made it to Week 2 of the new Bravo reality show Silicon Valley: Startups and though this episode had less toga parties it certainly had a lot going on. From sexism to tweeting in the bathroom on a date, here is this week’s recap and lessons from the show. For a refresher on all the characters, read this. 

Though days have passed in real life, the episode picks up seconds after the premiere ended with Venture Capitalist Dave McClure giving Hermione and her brother Ben Way a big fat no on their product that no one really understands (I’m not even sure they do.) ”It didn’t piss me off that Dave said, ‘no,’” explains Ben. “It’s the way he said ‘no’ that pissed me off.”

Hermione is feeling massively defeated so she leads her brother and roommate who appeared from nowhere, in some primal screaming on their balcony. Apparently Steve Jobs did this, so clearly this will help them.

Then we jumped to Sarah Austin and David Murray working out at the gym where they just talked about really shallow things. David talked about how he used to be fat and thinks about sex to get through his workouts. Sarah returns home to her hotel room where her assistant tells us she has lots of appointments but Sarah insists she must go out on her date tonight with Jay the model/nerd ( a Silicon Valley hybrid) because she doesn’t want to die a cat lady. She is truly the face of the modern working woman. I particularly liked when she asked her assistant to dog sit and her assistant attempted to jump out the window.

Finally we got to see some actual people in an office doing actual work. There was a pool party in between these scenes but it did nothing to further the plot except drive the point that the Way siblings childhood is truly just like The Parent Trap and we are quite glad they didn’t have an Oedipus situation in Thailand (but I do still think they have a lot of sexual tension.)

But anyway, back to Kim at Ampush Media. Kim seems to be the main voice of reason on the show and her issues actually center on her career and not her social life which is unique for this show. Kim faced a lot of issues this week at work that many women can relate to. First, she was complaining to her coworker that she felt like she was outgrowing the company and was losing her passion a bit.

Kim then has an intense conversation with her young, male boss who actually says he’d prefer to have a “grey-haired CRO” representing the team to connect with clients and take them to the next level. Wow. That is blatant sexism and ageism. ”I don’t think there’s anything a gray-haired CRO could do that I couldn’t do,” Kim says defensively. She later tells her coworker Lauren the talk was ”insulting at worst, stupidity at best.” Lauren tel

Though this was a tough conversation (the one with her boss, not Lauren. Lauren literally said nothing. Kim may as well have talked to a mirror) it may just have been the push Kim needed because it seems that in the next few episodes Kim quits Ampush and decides to pursue her dream of launching a fashion startup (and not having a salary for a year which may hurt her fabulous jewelry collection.)

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