Gird Your Loins. Randi Zuckerberg Is Bringing A Startup Reality Show To NYC

Randi Zuckerberg moves fast. The reality show her company, Zuckerberg Media, is producing, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, has only aired its second episode and she is already thinking about her next move in the world of reality TV.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Zuckerberg Media, Bravo and the production house responsible for Start-Ups, Den of Thieves, have all confirmed that they’re planning a tech-focused show based in NYC. Get ready for a toga party Manhattan.

To be clear this will not be Start-Ups: New York City but according to the Journal, “Ms. Zuckerberg and her team are looking to expand and see what techie opportunities there are.” I’m not sure how that sounds different, but just go with it.

Apparently Randi doesn’t think Silicon Valley is exciting enough. ”I’ve been here (in Silicon Valley) for seven years, and know that after 10 p.m. it gets a little quiet,” Zuckerberg was quoted in the report. Well, New York is definitely better at the night life aspect if that is what she is looking for.

Plus, New York compared to Silicon Valley is a better place for female entrepreneurs arguably. A fewmonths ago there was an article in The New York Daily News claiming that female entrepreneurs in the tech space prefer New York to build their businesses over Silicon Valley not because they like the pizza or crowded subways but because they are actually received better by investors as well as other entrepreneurs. The author of the article, Rich Shapiro, said based on his interviews with entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneur observers that “New York is quickly establishing itself as the place to be for women seeking to launch tech startups.” And we have seen some amazing female-based startups emerge in The Big Apple in the last few years such asLearnVestRent the Runway and Birchbox to name a few.

Carrie Chitsey, is the Founder and CEO of mobile marketing company 3Seventy. It specializes in mobile CRM and makes QR codes, apps, and mobile sites for companies wishing to better engage their audience through their mobile devices.  She told The Grindstone:

“Having worked in NYC for 6.5 years, there are many powerful women in key executive roles and leaders in the city. Women are very smart and well respective, it’s standard. Silicon Valley is more of a good ole boys’ club of Stanford and young tech entrepreneurs. Getting into that club as an outside is much harder and if you haven’t previously raised money from a VC company there with a proven track record it’s hard to break the inner circle.”

Plus, we know how to throw a good party here so this may be the place for Randi’s next show. We can’t promise how many model/nerds we’ll have though.

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