Survey Shows Vacation Offering Can Make Or Break A Job

Fortune reported last year that unlimited vacation policies are becoming a bona fide trend. Companies including Netflix, IBM, Morningstar, and the New York consulting company BlueWolf have implemented versions of the policy, sometimes called a “results-only work environment.” The strategy’s advocates say it makes employees happier and increases productivity. And according to a new survey, they can make or break a job.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive for, shows just how important abundant vacation time is to workers, even if they’re not using it: More than a third of people surveyed said unlimited paid time off would encourage them to take or keep a job (34%). Although only 38% of workers surveyed actually take all their paid time off (PTO) days.

But their are definite problems with the PTO system as well. Employees find it hard to find the right time for a vacation and feel bad leaving their coworkers with more to do. But this infographic will show you why PTO can make a person take a job.

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