This Is The Best Result From Cleaning Your Desk Ever

While cleaning his desk, this retired chaplain, Ron Yurcus, found a $1 million winning lottery ticket. Ladies, take notes, and while you’re at it, grab a duster.

A retired hospice chaplain from Illinois was sitting on a $1 million winning lottery ticket for two months until two weeks ago when he decided it was finally time to tidy up his desk.

As the Chicago Tribune reported:

‘About 12 tickets had accumulated on my desk, and I decided to tidy up to make room for my new computer. I checked the winning numbers on the Illinois Lottery website and just about screamed when I saw that I won,’ said Ron Yurcus in a release from the Illinois Lottery issued the week.

Yurcus says that he and his wife of 45 years will invest the money and share it with family in addition to donating it to charity.

In other news, and giving you yet another good reason to clean up your office space, comes from the The Wall Street Journal. As Lauren Weber reports, you should think about freshening up and organizing your life in between leaving a job and starting a new one:

According to George Bradt, founder of PrimeGenesis,  a Connecticut-based firm that works with executives to prepare for the first stages of a new job, this is the time to “jump-start relationships, preparation and learning.” This is the time to not only prepare for the job with the steps Bradt suggests, but also catch up on sleep, clean off your desk at home, get your car fixed, and do all the life-maintenance things you’ve been putting off. That way, says Rueff, “you can start Day 1 and go into a sprint for the next six months.”

There you have it. A little cleaning can go a long way in your career.

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    • Samantha Escobar

      In addition to this being totally awesome, it’s great that he decided to do something wise and balanced with his money by investing + sharing + charity. So many lottery winners wind up broke or depressed because they go overboard, but being both smart and charitable, hopefully he’ll avoid that! :)

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