If You Work From Your Bed A Lot, You Have A Real Problem

You may think not staying at your office until 8 pm and instead going home and putting some work in from your comfy bed makes you healthier, but you would be wrong. This kind of habit actually leads to procrastination during the day when you should be working, hurts your sleeping habits and makes you more of a workaholic. Plus, it kind of ruins the whole concept of the bed.

Half of 1,000 workers polled this year by Good Technology, a Sunnyvale, Calif., mobile-security software company, said they read or respond to work emails from bed. Laura Stack, a Denver productivity trainer and speaker, told the Wall Street Journal she has seen a doubling of clients in the past decade who work from their sleep space. “They think, ‘I’ll just put in a few hours at home in bed tonight anyway, so I have plenty of time to check Facebook FB -0.86% and price tickets for my next vacation,’ ” she said.

This is becoming such a trend that bedmakers are looking to update their designs to make their models better for bed workers. Reverie, a Walpole, Mass., maker of adjustable beds, suggests as many as 80% of young New York City professionals work regularly from bed, says chief executive Martin Rawls-Meehan. His firm is pushing to change the hospital image of adjustable beds to appeal to younger consumers.

The real problem with working in the bed is that the bed is quite different than even the couch in your house or apartment. The bed is a place of sanctity that should only be used for sleeping and sex, said Stack. Working in bed shows a real technology addiction and can ruin the intimacy of a relationship.

Photo: Alliance/Shutterstock.com

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