10 Of Television’s Steamiest Coworker Affairs

Pretty Much Everyone on Grey’s Anatomy

So, its seems like everyone at Seattle Grace Hospital was hooking up with a coworker at one point or another. Obviously, Meredith and Derek were the first, and also the best. But then Izzie and Alex got it on in a supply closet, Christina shacked up with Burke, George and Callie hooked up, but Callie decided she was a lesbian and started dating Arizona (a woman, not the state). Oh, then Meredith and Derek broke up, we found out Derek was married to Addison, who cheated on him with his best friend (also a doctor), they moved in together, but Derek still had a thing for Meredith. Phew. I can continue, but its exhausting. They should honestly just rename the hospital “The Love Shack” and stop fooling everyone.

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    • Lastango

      Great tour through torrid TV!

      It’s interesting that these are all somewhat older people. Old enough to have a complicated backstory that adds tension and depth to their relationships. By contrast, when two 25-ish never-marrieds start clinching, we usually just sort of shrug.