Get Ready For The Kate Moss Movie

For years supermodel Kate Moss was a media fixture enigma as she basically managed to stay famous without doing any interviews and being camera shy. But now, with the release of her new book, The Kate Moss Book, she is everywhere. She just spilled her guts and did a very revealing spread for Vanity Fair and then did another candid article with Time. Now The Telegraph is reporting that a Kate Moss documentary is in the works. It may not be too long before we are sick from hearing from Kate Moss, once the world’s quietest supermodel.

From The Telegraph:

“And that’s just for starters as now we can exclusively reveal that she’s making a documentary. Cameras are trailing the 38-year-old as she promotes her book around the world, and prepares to auction off prints from it next year.

“She is totally on board” a source told us at the signing of the book at the Marc Jacobs store in London last night.”

There has always been a fascination around Kate Moss. From being the face of ‘heroin chic’ to Johnny Depp’s muse to getting caught doing cocaine and being a fashion icon, Kate has done it all. She has had incredible staying power, especially considering how quiet she has been until now. Moss has consistently been one of the highest paid models in the world. In 2007 alone she made over $10 million.

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