Women Are More Likely To Ditch Their Childhood Dream Jobs

Every child is asked at some point, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Sometimes its far-fetched such as an astronaut, president or spy. Other times the jobs are realistic like doctor, teacher, writer. No matter what job you chose as a child, your gender may determine whether you pursued that career or not. A new LinkedIn study revealed that men are more likely to end up in their “dream career” than women.

The company surveyed 8,000 professionals globally about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Boys typically said athlete, lawyer or pilot, while girls said jobs like teacher, journalist and nurse. The company found that 30.3% of all participants were in their dream job or a related field, but those numbers change when looking at gender in the U.S.  The study revealed that 33.6% of U.S. men were in their dream career or a related field, compared to 23.8% of women, according to cbsnews.com.

It is true that there is nothing wrong with choosing a different job than the one you wanted  as a child. The most common reason for ditching a dream career path, for both men and women, was that the respondent became interested in something else as he or she got older. But, the numbers also showed that more women regretted not following their dream path. 40% of women were likely to still dream of their childhood choices, compared to 33.3% of men.

Another major finding of the study was more women wanted careers in the creative field than men. A little more than 37% of women dreamed of such careers as chef, photographer or designer, compared to 16.9% of men. Despite what path they chose, both genders agreed (70%) that taking pleasure and feeling fulfilled in your work was most important in their choice of dream job.


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