In Awesome News, Marissa Mayer And Sheryl Sandberg Are Secretly Working On A Project Together

Oh to be a fly on the wall during a meeting between Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Two of the greatest minds in tech and female Silicon Valley legends are colloborating on a search engine together, according to The Sunday Telegraph. 

From CNET:

Mayer is looking for ways to revive Yahoo’s products and engineering focus since she took the CEO job in July. The two companies recently resolved their patent spat just prior to Mayer coming on board, and Yahoo was an early to integrate with Facebook Connect.

The root of what Yahoo and Facebook could do would be social and mobile — a social search engine that is ideal for mobile usage. Combining data gleaned from Yahoo’s 700 million users and Facebook’s 1 billion users (and resolving any privacy issues in such a plot) would give a social-oriented search engine centered around answering questions a lot of information to process, refine and monetize.

Though Mayer and Sandberg are often pitted against eachother because they are two very powerful women in tech, they are actually former colleagues from Google. The search engine does sound very cool but these two ladies working together is just pretty awesome. I feel like they could probably figure out a strategy for the Middle East if they had enough time.

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