Fake Lessons From Start-Ups: Silicon Valley: When To Mix Business With Pleasure And Gay Line Dancing

On the third episode of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley there was a lot of focus on mixing business with pleasure and then just pleasure (in Hermione’s case.) First we see David (after describing a particularly bad bowel movement) try to ask his good friend Sarah for a loan who very smartly turns him down.

Then we cut to Kim who is still in shock over what her boss said to her last week about needing a gray-haired executive instead of her. But she admits this may just the be the final push she needed to quit her job (and on next week’s episode we see her quitting her job so that is also how we came to this conclusion.)

Then finally we get to see the delightfully quirky Dwight come into the daylight. We didn’t see him at all in the last episode most likely because we are learning that he literally codes all the time and that is not that exciting to watch on television. But when he finally emerged he decided to have a dinner date with his best gal pal Kim (who wore an amazing dress.) Now even though Dwight was literally making up words about how hot Kim was, he seemed to understand that this was just a platonic rendez-vous. Kim actually looked at this as a chance to talk to Dwight about venturing out on her own to start a company.

Earlier in the day we saw Kim consulting another friend who launched a company about whether she is ready to go forth and startup as well. And then came one of the best lines of the night when Kim explained that she was 30, single, had no kids and a lot of money so nothing was holding her back and wasn’t that great. The guy pointed out that many people would think being alone with no kids at 30 was actually a downside but Kim doesn’t want that so she may as well take a huge risk.

Hermione gave us a good time as she decided to mix a lot of pleasure with a friend of hers, namely Jay (who appears to be the only straight, eligible man in Silicon Valley.) They had a great date, much more so than Jay and Sarah.

Then we attended Gay Line Dancing with David, Jay and Sarah which looked like a lot of fun. But it got less fun when David brought up the fact that Jay went on a date with Hermione the night before. The look of sadness and horror on Sarah’s face was pretty upsetting but it got great when she came up with the new term “date cheating.” Jay said they never went on a real date which prompted Sarah to throw a drink in his face (which looked really awesome) and storm off. Sarah then pretty much had a break down about not having kids until she was 36 and it got pretty sad.

Hermione and Ben went to a company that produced some working prototypes of their Ignite product. It is going to cost them about $150,000 which they don’t really have because no investors have signed on yet. However, Ben insists that Hermione has the money but Hermione says she needs it for her other companies. Oh siblings.

Okay so here are some lessons we learned from last night’s episode:

Lesson 1: Always be careful when lending money to friends. This is different for everybody but for most people, once you loan money to a friend it can very complicated and usually not in a good way. Sarah was right to turn David down and it was good that they were able to move on with their friendship.

Lesson 2: Do consult friends who have been though what you have before making a major career decision. Kim was very smart to talk to a few different people about quitting her job and launching a company.

Lesson 3: Do throw a drink in someone’s face if you are really angry but don’t do this all the time or it loses its impact.

Lesson 4: Do not have a life breakdown at Gay Line Dancing.

Lesson 5: Do not succumb peer pressure or brother pressure in this case. If Hermione is worried about hurting her other companies she needs to tell her Ben that.

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