10 Tips From The High-Heeled Leader On How To Achieve Work/Life Balance

 Katie Day is a first-time author of The High-Heeled Leader: Embrace Your Feminine Power in Life and Work. She sat down with The Grindstone to talk about her mission to help women achieve confidence, assertiveness and self-belief. Working as a business coach and personal style consultant, she offers 10 tips for women looking to be the best they can be in life and work. 

Know your values.

What is it that you stand for in life? What would you like people to know about who you are and what you represent? Denying your values can create unnecessary stress in your life so be clear on what’s important in your life and ensure that you honor them with everything you do.

Acknowledge your magnificence.

Make sure you take ownership of your talents and skills in every area of your life. Resist the temptation to take yourself for granted. People respond to you based on the messages you give them and those messages come from how much you value yourself. To honor other people we have to be the best we can be – make sure you know how awesome you are!

Communicate from your heart and not your head.

Connect with the world and everyone in it from your soul. Your head may lead you down the path of conflict, confrontation and angst. On the other hand, your heart will allow you to step into your authentic feminine power and become a magnet for others to follow.

Remember the oxygen mask!

Walk away from your inner martyr and stop putting everyone else’s needs before your own. When we fly, the cabin crew tells us that if the plane loses pressure to attach our own oxygen mask before helping others. They say that for a reason. If we don’t ensure we look after ourselves first, we are in no condition to help others. You are as important as everyone else.

Get out of your own way.

Be really honest – do you suffer from the ‘poor me’ syndrome? Take time to look at, and get rid of, any limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself that may be getting in the way of you being the woman you were born to be. Acknowledge the power of your thoughts and be kind to yourself.

Honor your personal brand.

Celebrate every aspect of who you are as a woman in the world and don’t be afraid to own your beauty. Get to know your fabulous body and make friends with it. Ensure your visual image always represents your personality, talents and fabulousness, from the colors you wear to the shape and style of your clothes.

Have a voice with impact.

Whether you lead a team, speak at events, attend or run meetings, or simply communicate with friends and family, you have a voice. A strong voice, that deserves to be heard. Be confident with your words, speak with passion and truth and acknowledge your right to be listened to.

Know where you are living and move if necessary.

By that I mean are you living in the past, the future or the present? You can’t change the past, so be thankful for the lessons you have learnt and move on. The future is compelling and exciting, but don’t sacrifice the here and now to try and get there quicker. ‘Right Now’ is the greatest gift we have – which is why it’s called ‘the present.’ If you blink, you might miss it.

Stop living in fear.

Fear is fantasy experienced as reality. There is no such thing as a dark night of the soul, just a dark night of the ego. The ego will try and keep you in fear, but don’t let it. You cannot communicate from your heart if you are living in fear. Guilt is the ego’s way to try to get you to make wrong decisions, so don’t listen to it.

Take center stage into your spotlight.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. If you don’t believe you’re worth it, neither will anyone else. People need you to be magnificent… it’s the only way they really benefit. Don’t let anyone – or yourself – down. Accept your brilliance and dance with life.

Featured photo:  Sergej Khakimullin/Shutterstock.com

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