Kristen Stewart’s Affair Has Tainted Any Future Projects For Her That Involve Men

Kristen Stewart truly tainted her career when it was revealed that she had an affair with Rupert Sanders who directed her in the film Snow White and the Huntsman. Because not only did it show that she was cheating on her boyfriend, but it put a side of her out there in the media as a womanizing harlot that has no boundaries when it comes to married men that are essentially her boss. I am not saying she isn’t at fault, but as new allegations arise in tabloids like InTouch Weekly that she is trying to sleep with Ben Affleck, her potential new director, it is clear that she is wearing a Scarlett letter around Hollywood. This letter is especially powerful because it will jeopardize her career.

Jenni Maier of our sister site Crushable wrote:

“Remember that time Kristen Stewart hooked up with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders while dating Robert Pattinson? You probably do because everyone’s framing the rest of her career with that in mind.”

Female celebrities have affairs all the time, often with costars. But because Kristen is so young and this was with her married director, every project she signs on to (and she hasn’t even officially signed on to this one) for at least the forseeable future will bring this into the limelight.

Kristen graces the cover of InTouch this week with the headline,  ”Cheater Kristen! Wrecking Another Marriage!” and the statement: “She’s moving on to steamy sex scenes with Ben Affleck. Why Jennifer Garner should be very, very worried.” Ben Affleck hasn’t even cast the film yet and already Kristen is taking her clothes off and taking tips from Fifty Shades of Grey.

What year is it? Are we actually saying this woman can’t keep it in her pants every time she is on a movie set with a man? Of course, the fact that she met her boyfriend Robert Pattinson on a movie set doesn’t help, but still.

People make mistakes and we have to remember she is only 22 and many young people think the same way in terms of sleeping with the boss.  A recent survey conducted by the North Carolina firm Public Policy Polling found that 84% of millennials say they would engage in romance with a co-worker – compared to 36% of Generation X workers (age 30-45), and only 29% of Boomers (age 46-65). So basically the young people in your office have probably at least made out with each other. The poll also found that the millennial generation is more open to dating their supervisors than all other age groups combined. Forty percent of millennials said they would date their supervisor, compared to 12% of older respondents. There is clearly a mind shift in the ages when it comes to office romance.

But unfortunately (and hopefully) when we sleep with our boss it doesn’t make national news and ruin our next move in our career.

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    • Carol

      All this with Kristen Stewart is stupid. For heavens sake shes only 22 and the press has tarred and feathered her. Why are we not looking at the director….He was the married one who didn’t keep his marriage vows. Are any of you asking him for and explaination.
      No. As far as I’M concerned he just a sleeze bag who took advantage of a young actress. If she was a few years younger you would have been able to call him a dirty old man… I hope your all taking a look at what you were doing at 22, and what mistakes you made in your relationships.