John Krasinski Solidifies His Perfectness With His Support For His Wife’s Career

Spousal and partner support is very important when you have a hard, high-profile career or even a not very high profile career. Actor John Krasinski clearly takes his role as husband very seriously when it comes to cheering on his wife’s career. In a recent interview with NUVO Magazine, he said of wife Emily Blunt:

“She’s just made the most genuine choices of anybody I know. She’ll chase it down, whether it’s a big commercial movie or a tiny indie, whether it’s Your Sister’s Sister or The Five-Year Engagement. She just believes in the experience, and she loves it, and I think that is so extremely courageous and so extremely admirable and just downright cool.”

And John Krasinski once again has solidified that he is the perfect man. Emily is a lucky girl.

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