Survey Says Women Spend More Time Thinking About Their Work Party Outfit Than Working

According to a new survey, women spend more time thinking about the dress they are going to wear to the office party than actually working the day of the office party.  It found that women typically spend 12 hours picking the right look for the evening. Nearly one in five (17%) spend at least two days choosing the perfect clothes and accessories to look their best.

And those are just the average women. There is a very hyper-organized 11% that start planning their outfit six weeks before the party, the poll of 2,000 women found, while 3% begin as early as October. Ummm, your focus should be on Halloween costumes in October ladies. Get your priorities straight.

Professional women will try on an average of four outfits before picking the right number but one in ten will try on more than eight outfit. On the day itself, 13% of those surveyed admitted taking five hours or more to look the party.

Just remember, women, more than men, tend to get in trouble in social situations because they have so many more options, says branding specialist Amanda Sanders of NewYorkImageConsultant. And in the quest to look good, women often choose revealing rather than understated outfits. Sanders, who has dressed Gwyneth Paltrow, says the main mistake women make at company holiday parties is dressing too sexy. “People really lose sight of the fact … that this is still a business event,” she says.

But hopefully, considering how much conscious thought, women are devoting to these events, they will come up with the perfect outfit.


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