How to Build an Exceptional Brand as an Expert

Having a strong personal brand that you can cash in on as an expert is not just for people like Oprah, Madonna or Martha Stewart. It’s for everyone. It’s for you. Just like these three powerful women, you too can build a strong personal brand and cash in on it. Branding yourself is an internal journey that leads you to toward taking specific and intentional action to become the biggest and brightest “you” that you want to be. And as an expert in your field, your personal brand is what will attract the kind of clients, partners and opportunities that fire you up.

To help you on this journey, here is a list of 24 things you can do take control of your personal brand and increase your profile as an expert:

1. What do you do best? Build your life around that.

2. Don’t just say you are an expert. Instead, prove it by speaking, writing, creating an information product and adding value in social media.

3. Branding success is about consistency. Be the same offline as you are online.

4. Spend your time with people that motivate and challenge you to be your biggest you.

5. Make a niche for yourself. Those who try to be everything to everyone end up being nothing to anyone.

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