Fake Lessons From Start-Ups: Silicon Valley: Comparing Yourself To Oprah And ‘Sanity Checks’

It was a tough week for the Silicon Valley kids on Episode 4. Between Kim quitting her job and Hermione’s breakdown, we all came out a little stressed. Let’s dive right in shall we?!

First Ben and Hermione got their fitness on and it was established that Hermione is still upset with Sarah and pretended to punch her a lot. Even more importantly, her fabulous Tetris leggings made a comeback!

Then we cut to Kim going in for a “sanity check” with Dwight, Kim’s biggest fan. Kim said she was ready to quit her job and go out on her own. Dwight was the best person to talk to about this considering he had had a great job on a team that was killing it but as any entrepreneur knows, that little voice in your head will always bother you unless you pursue your passion and take a risk. ”It’s so much fun, though,” he said of starting his own business. “I don’t think I can get a kick out of anything else anymore.

And then we got to watch Sarah do a little work and then basically called herself Oprah if Oprah was a young, white woman who was a tech vlogger. So just those things and they are the same.

Then we also get to see Hermione showing off her on camera interview skills as she stopped by the house of horrors that was Dwight’s home. I mean I get that geniuses can be messy and are too busy to wash a dish, but this was disgusting. The dust on the keyboard made me look like Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets and I eat pretzels directly over my keyboard everyday.

Then finally we get to the real drama! Kim is going to quit her job today! But like a normal person she is quite nervous to do so yet she still managed to put together a fabulous outfit for the event. The actual quitting went fine and Kim, bless her heart, managed to stay perfectly composed when her boss (and this was a different one that said it would be just be better if she was an old man. These guys make Roger Sterling and Don Draper look like feminists) said if she launched a company in a competitive space, Ampush would beat her. But he also told her the company would not be where it was today without her.

There was a sense of relief you could see when the quitting scene was officially done, but we saw later that Kim, though excited, is really scared. Kim told The Grindstone earlier this month, “I also thought it was very important for me to not send the message to women that it is glamorous to quit your job. It’s not sexy.  I had set myself up to do this. I had been saving money for years but it is still really hard. Anyone who says doing this isn’t scary is completely full of shit.” That glass of wine was both celebratory and medicinal.

In the meantime we also saw another pitch by Hermione and Ben which appeared to go well but we find out later, it did not. This leads to the beginning of Hermione’s very public meltdown.

And back to Kim who is now celebrating her new found freedom (in a fabulous lime green dress. I may have a slight girl crush on Kim, in case you couldn’t tell) with her friends. And who do you call when your celebrating? Dwight, the party God and Kim’s biggest fan. And we know he’s the life of the party because he wears sunglasses inside. He once again talked about how hot she was for like five minutes. This could literally be a segment of the show.

Then back to Hermione and Ben who have run into their friend/competitor David at a networking event. This only seems to be making David uncomfortable as Ben offers to give David a loan if he needs it which is the tipping point for Hermione. Hermione has a lot going on with the 300 companies she runs and she feels like in pitch meetings all she is meant to do is sit there and look pretty while her brother fumbles along. He then tells her she isn’t working hard which just continues her tizzy of tizzies. ”I’m seriously about to break,” she says.

Hermione and Ben made up at the end but we know the tension is still there. What will happen next week? Will Sarah be on for more than 5 minutes? There was a lack of drinks being thrown in people’s faces and it was upsetting. Will Kim’s startup be a success? Will Hermione wear her Tetris leggings again? Will they ever get money for Ignite?  We can only wait and see but let’s look at lessons from the show.

Lesson 1: Do not compare yourself to Oprah. No one is like Oprah. She is Oprah. She gives people cars and convinces us that we can all pull off sparkly Uggs.  Don’t mess with O.

Lesson 2: Do remain composed when you are quitting your job. Despite her passive aggressive, Kim remained calm and cordial when she quit. Save the name calling and eye rolls for the camera confessional afterwards. She also explained why she was quitting.

Lesson 3: Do clean before someone comes to your house to film especially when you are promoting your business. Natural habitat, natural schmabitat. The kids in Slumdog Millionaire had better living conditions than that.

Lesson 4: Do celebrate the fact that you are taking a risk! And surround yourself with supportive friends.

Lesson 5: Do let off steam and vent but maybe not at a networking event. The parking lot works. Maybe a Starbucks. An Apple store?



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