The New Vogue Documentary Confirms Everything You Expected Vogue Editors To Be Like

Nothing says holiday cheer like fashion editors telling us how they make models look even better. That’s right get ready for Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, the new HBO documentary on the masterminds behind Vogue’s amazing photo spreads. If you loved The September Issue, looking at awesome clothes and strong French accents than this is the film for you.

The documentary will focus on Vogue’s editor in chief, Anna Wintour, along with other influential Vogue editors past and present, including Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman, and Polly Mellen. From the trailer we see that these are glamorous jobs but it also looks like these women and men are perfectionists and visionaries.

“The people who are responsible for the fashion images are the fashion editors,” Wintour said in a statement. “They have always been our secret weapon, so it seemed to me that we could celebrate Vogue, and also, at the same time, celebrate these great editors.” Way to have team spirit Anna! She even called them a family, a dysfunctional one, but still. She pretty much says fashion editors can tell you about the state of the world with a picture. To an extent that may be true, but I think National Geographic or Time Magazine can do that in a more direct manner.

HBO Documentary Films president, Sheila Nevins, calls the images found in Vogue “true works of art… the editors themselves are gifted, yet often unassuming, artists.” The eclectic group of women all looked like they had been models at one point. My favorite one was clearly Carolyn Cerf whose French accent and excitement for fashion was literally out  of a movie (probably a French one.)

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