Marissa Mayer: “For Me, It’s God, Family And Yahoo—In That Order”

Yahoo CEO and maternity leave controversy star Marissa Mayer conducted her first interview since taking over Yahoo at the Fortune Most Powerful Women event, an invitation-only dinner in Palo Alto that took place Tuesday evening. In addition to being asked about Yahoo’s strategy, she was the inevitable question of how she is doing it all. Considering that when it was announced that she was pregnant at the same time she was becoming CEO of Yahoo many people could not believe both of these events could happen at the same time without the world imploding. Now Marissa is no ordinary human being but her life strategy sounded like a lot of people’s. Paying tribute to her homestate of Wisconsin she said, ”I think that for me, it’s God, family and Yahoo—in that order.”

Going in, she knew her job would be hard and the baby would be fun. but it turns out, surprisingly she said,  the job has been way more fun than she thought and the baby has been “way more easy than everyone made it out to be.” Marissa has a bit of a Mary Sunshine attitude about her, but I actually find it very refreshing. After all, this is a woman who doesn’t believe in burnout and says there are 130 productive hours in a work week if you shower strategically (I would love to see her go head to head with Tim Ferriss on that subject.) So it makes total sense that her baby would be “easy.”

Yes, her short maternity leave is not possible for a lot of women but at the level she is at in business it is possible so why shouldn’t she do it if she is able to have the help with her family so she can go back to work. But she also “ruthlessly prioritizes.” ”That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been talking [to the press],” said Mayer. “And I will go back to not talking after tonight.”

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