Kim Kardashian Shows Us What Not To Wear When Meeting The Ambassador Of Kuwait

Once again, Kim Kardashian teaches us a valuable lesson by doing something terribly stupid. Kim, who considers herself a business woman (plus her mom has told us she is like 100 times) decided a sheer top would be the way to go when meeting the AMBASSADOR TO KUWAIT. This is a big business no-no.

Now I get that the majority of Kim’s business meetings are probably in L.A. or Vegas where business casual takes on a whole new meaning. And considering how much cleavage, leg and butt this woman usually shows, this was a fairly conservative outfit. Except, she was meeting the male ambassador of a very conservative country. You think someone in her entourage would have been smart enough to realize this. Especially considering, people in the country were already not embracing the pop culture icon.

‘Her values clash with our traditions as a religiously committed people,’ Mohammad Al Tabtabai, a Kuwaiti preacher, told the Gulf News. ‘Her visit could help spread vice among our youth.‘ According to The Daily Mail, in neighboring Bahrain, conservative lawmakers blasted the reality TV star and tried to keep her out of the island nation, arguing that she is ‘an actress with an extremely bad reputation’. From The Daily Mail:

Sahar Moussa, a columnist for The Kuwait Times, was angry that a number of musicians and other artists have been denied entry on moral and religious concerns by the country’s Islamist Party, but Kardashian is allowed to visit

‘Let me be clear here, I really hate judging people, and I do respect everybody’s business when it comes to their private life, but when it is someone like Kim Kardashian – who is only known for her obscene movie, voluptuous derriere and fake reality TV show that shows nothing but low morals and a lot of plastic surgery – then I have a problem.

And yet, she thought I’m gonna wear this top where you can see my black bra quite clearly.

If Kim needs a cue on how to dress for a business meeting, even when you are a celebrity she should look to Reese Witherspoon who looked perfectly appropriate in this blue dress and black blazer. combo.

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    • Olawoyin Toyosi

      just shut up,,,, and watch this..

      • mm

        Holy crap that looks terrifying but you definitely win. What the masses want compared to what conservative old man journalists want is apparently a very different thing. Her top is still inappropriate, though.