Logic Alert: Women Are Cutting Their Toes Off So Their Heels Are More Comfortable

We have written about the pros and cons of wearing high heels at work on this site many times. According to a new report, it seems that one group is very firmly set against flats. So much so that they are willing to cut off part of their foot to wear their heels more comfortably. There is a growing trend for women to have what’s being called “stiletto surgery” or having their feet surgically altered to be able to wear fashionable shoes more comfortably.

That’s right. You can have your toes shortened. Yes, this sounds like a plotline out of Gattaca but this is something women are doing. Or don’t stop at just shortening your toes. Why not just cut off that pesky pinky toe to make your foot narrower? I’m not kidding. This is also an option. You can also have collagen injected into the ball of your foot to make wearing those stilettos more comfortable by putting more padding under the section of your foot taking the most pounding. Dr. Nathan Lucas, a Memphis, Tenn. podiatrist, said, “It’s like walking on pillows when they wear their high heel shoes.”

This sounds like something out of the middle ages or a fairytale! In fact, isn’t this what Cinderella’s evil stepmother made her daughters do? And I’m not talking about the Disney version with singing and emotionally supportive mice. I mean like The Brothers Grimm version where sh*t got real.  If we’re following the logic of fairytale characters then birds will help me clean my apartment later and I shouldn’t be mad that guy didn’t call me back because he was probably turned into a beast or something.

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons has weighed in on the matter with a warning.

“Surgery performed solely for the purpose of improving the appearance or size of the foot or ankle carries risks without medical benefit, and therefore should not be undertaken.”


That is a good warning and all but you know women are going to find these quack surgeons that will do this for them. They should keep in mind though that any kind of surgery can cause complications, from adverse anesthesia reactions to chronic pain years after the procedure is done. Painful scars, prolonged swelling and post-operative infections are all possibilities, especially on the feet, which are pretty important for what is that thing…WALKING. Plus, removing a toe could also negatively impact your balance which means it would be EVEN HARDER to walk in those heels.

Now I am the first to admit that a heel makes my leg look great and gives me confidence until I start walking because I usually look like a baby giraffe standing up for the first time. It’s okay at a party but in an office, it is unacceptable. Yes, I would love to be able to run through the streets like Carrie Bradshaw but I am going to star in my own of voluntary story of 127 Hours: The Toe Version? Or My Left Foot….looks too wide so I cut half of it off? Let me tell you, that will not win Daniel Day Lewis the Oscar. No way. I’ll take the blisters and looking like an idiot any day.

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    • Tania

      It didn’t work out for the evil stepsisters; Prince Charming still passed over them for the toe-having Cinderella. Doesn’t this limit the shoes you can wear in summer, too? Unless you want to be the only toeless terror on the beach.

    • NelJel

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh! :(

    • Barbara

      There will always be stupid women who are willing to do anything to wear shoe that make them look like giraffes!!!