Standing Out During Your Job Search: Dos and Don’ts

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Let me guess — you’ve applied for dozens of jobs and you’ve heard close to nothing in response? You’re probably feeling frustrated and a little confused because you know you have what it takes to land these positions.

Many job seekers go through this phase of the job search before they embrace the need for differentiating themselves from their competition. When you’re up against hundreds of other applicants, it’s essential that you’re doing your best to stand out from the rest.

Before you begin your creative brainstorming for grabbing an employer’s attention, refer to this simple list of do’s and don’ts that are sure to set you apart from the competition.

Do Capitalize On Your Niche

A simple way to reconfigure your job search to better stand out to potential employers is by emphasizing the niche of your industry, as well as your personal qualifications. Job seekers should consider capitalizing on their own personal job niche by utilizing techniques to better benefit success directly in their industry.

Do Network

Don’t let your job search turn you into a hermit. Get the leg up on your competitors by stepping up your networking game. The majority of your competition probably isn’t networking as much as they’d hope to, and this is where you can outshine them.

Identify thought leaders in your industry and make a point to reach out to them directly. The most beneficial networking relationships come from a strong attention two-way communication. Job seekers should look to network with experienced individuals who are willing to share their experiences, both positive and negative.

Don’t Forget Your Professional Appearance

There’s nothing worse for a hiring manager than to find out the candidate with the great resume doesn’t know how to present herself professionally during an in-person interview. Professional dress may seem small in comparison to other aspects of the hiring process, but it’s easy to stand out from the competition in both a positive and negative way when it comes down to your personal presentation.

Do your research and find out what kind of dress code your potential employer follows and dress accordingly. Trade your more stylish pieces for those with class, watch your hemlines, and embrace closed-toe shoes.

Don’t Try To Fit A Certain Mold

Job seekers are often conditioned to feel as if they must fit a certain mold. While there is some truth to this matter, it’s far more important to embrace your unique traits and turn them into a platform for your job search success. It’s your job to prove to employers that your personality, experiences, and unique traits fit their position more precisely than the rest.

Don’t Offer Up A Poor Attitude

Whether online or in-person, your potential employer will be able to quickly grasp your overall attitude and mannerisms. If your Twitter feed is full of negative updates, your potential employer might quickly remove you from the running. Stand out from other candidates by focusing on maintaining a positive attitude in the face of all obstacles. Your potential employer will notice your energy and enthusiasm as an important addition to their workplace.

This fiercely competitive job climate is certainly to blame for the sudden need for job seekers to pull out all the stops when it comes to standing out to potential employers. Standing out during your job search is certainly important, but even more so that you’re standing out positively and not negatively.

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