3 True Stories Of How The Office Holiday Party Helped And Hurt These Women’s Careers

As we recently reported, office holiday parties are making their way back into the company budget post-recession – which means you have another opportunity to screw up big time or score major brownie points with your boss. It’s up to you to be naughty or nice.

Playing nice on this night can bring new influential connections with key players in the company, leading to promotions and a heftier paycheck. But, for others who just can’t help but karaoke Naughty By Nature while showing off your favorite move from your pole-dance exercise class, you might find coal in that cubby-hole mailbox of yours come Monday morning.

Read on to hear from women who have experienced all of the above, and how their choices and unfortunate circumstances on that one night changed their careers.

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    • Lastango

      Christmas party? One drink and I’m outta there, before the wierd stuff can start.

      And you won’t catch me within 10 miles of the company picnic.