The Girls Season 2 Trailer: More Boys And Dogs But No Jobs

The trailer for the second season of Lena Dunhamn’s Girls has been released and it looks pretty entertaining. There seem to be a lot more boys on this season of Girls. All the guys from last season are back and there are like four new ones, most of whom are love interests for Hannah.

But what I can’t help but notice is that it appears that Hannah still doesn’t have a job. Plus, Shoshanna is still in college so she doesn’t have a job and Jessa appears to have been on her honeymoon for the last few months so she doesn’t have a job. That just leaves Marnie as the only one with a job.

I get that the show mostly focuses on these young women’s social lives but I hope Lena does focus a bit on her character’s career growth. Lena Dunham may have snapped her fingers and gotten a TV show and $3 million book deal, but for most of us, it isn’t that easy. Plus, the episodes in the first season where Hannah did have jobs were some of the funniest.

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    • Lastango

      Good insight.
      About a week ago, I read a piece by a viewer who described the program as “infantilizing and regressive” because the characters aren’t making lives for themselves, and give off the vibe that the world owes them something because they exist. She said, “There’s a reason it’s called Girls, not Women.”

      She liked the show, and she’s still watching (mostly because she enjoys the humor and entertainment), but seemed to think that as a cultural example it’s a dead end.

    • Anita

      I watched the trailer and noticed Marnie say “I have no boyfriend, no job.”