Bouncing Is The New Biking: Now You Can Commute To Work On A Trampoline

Well, not quite yet. But one architecture firm is working on it. They’ve installed a 170-foot-long trampoline in Russia called Fast Track, which the Guardian describes as an “inventive solution to the boredom of the morning commute.” The next logical step: Offices located in bouncy castles.

The Estonian architecture studio, Salto, installed the trampoline as part of the an arts festival in Russia. The installation looks more like a bouncy road than a backyard plaything: The rubber lies at ground level, and is long and narrow, not round. It’s probably not coming to a town near you, but it’s cool to imagine.

The Guardian reminds us that Fast Track isn’t the only, um, eccentric approach to commuting devised in recent months. One design studio proposed a plan to turn a London canal into a “swimmable commuting route.” In France, another group of architects proposed an inflatable trampoline bridge to let pedestrians bounce their way across the Seine.

As one of those wimps who doesn’t even want to bike to work, for fear of sweatiness and bad hair, I’d probably take a pass on commuting via jumping. But I’d definitely be up for a weekend bounce.


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