Former America’s Next Top Model Contestant Turned MTV Host Turned Wall Street Trader Has Opened A Restaurant

What can’t Kim Stolz do? First she was one of the finalists on America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 5), then she had a long-running gig as an MTV anchor (back when the entire network wasn’t devoted to teen pregnancy) and then in August we reported that she had returned to her business roots with a gig in equity derivative sales at Citigroup. And now she has launched The Dalloway, in SoHo, Manhattan, with Amanda Leigh Dunn of The Real L Word in a bid to create ‘a venue with a strong female team that is open to everyone’.

Stolz, who was one of the first openly lesbian contestants on ANTM, hopes the bar will defy stereotypes, like that lesbians don’t like to go out and party, she says.  ”I am not sure if that was ever true. But what I know is it is not true now,” she told New York Magazine. From The Daily Mail:

“She and Dunn took inspiration from the West Hollywood bar The ­Abbey, which was a favorite hang-out of the late Liz Taylor. 

They hope that their two-story venue will similarly become a place where you can ‘bring your parents for dinner’ and ‘party your face off downstairs’.

The name of their hangout was inspired by Stolz’s hero Virgina Woolf. She explained that ‘it’s an ode to her and a thank-you to her’.”

But this bar isn’t only for the gay community. It is bringing together many groups of people. She told NyMag: “We have models in one corner; the grungier, hipster-type people in another corner; the label-obsessed lesbians… And then I have a bunch of banker friends.”

Stolz says it is the banking community, those Wall Street guys in particular, that she feels most comfortable with. She never felt truly fulfilled by modeling or her MTV job. It was on Wall Street that she found her calling.  ”I’ve never felt more accepted than I have on Wall Street. I’m one of the guys,” she said.

Stolz interned at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) in 2004, according to Finra records and her LinkedIn page. She graduated in 2005 from Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in government and international politics, and titled her senior thesis “The Impact of Exit Strategies of United States Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era,” her LinkedIn page shows. Stolz also is the author of “Can’t Stop: Why We’re Obsessed with Social Media — And What to Do About It,” scheduled to be published in February by Rodale Books, according to an preview.



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