Trailer For Beyoncé’s HBO Movie Shows Her Ambition, Baby Belly

The first trailer for Beyoncé’s upcoming HBO movie is out, and, like everything Beyoncé does, it only makes me want more Beyoncé. She’s been the subject of TV documentaries before, but this time Beyoncé herself is directing it, and it looks to include tons of personal footage, including a shot of her controversial pregnant belly.

There are very few words in the trailer. It opens with a makeup-free Beyoncé appearing to wake up in bed. Then the words: “I always battle with, How much do I reveal about myself? If I’m scared, be scared. Allow it. Release it.”

Then a flood of images of the superstar at work and at play. See Beyoncé in her bathroom mirror, performing on stage, stepping out into a crush of paparazzi from a hotel, hugging her husband Jay-Z, and more. The 31-year-old singer has described herself as a workaholic, and it appears that significant parts of the documentary will be devoted to her work life.

Of interest to conspiracy theorists: one of the images appears to show a pregnant Bey’s exposed belly. The image flashes by in a millisecond, but creepy pausing and zooming suggests that she’s wearing the same belly chain she wore in those bikini photos in Croatia. Then again, the shot doesn’t include her face, and she looks only a few months (or a big burrito at lunch) along, so this shot along is unlikely to end speculation that Blue Ivy Carter was born by surrogate.

The movie makes its debut on HBO on February 16.

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