Businesses Are Already Making Money Off The Royal Baby

It was only on Monday that we found out that Kate Middleton and Prince William were expecting a child but it seems like it has been months considering the amount of press coverage that has been shoved down our throats. And now we are already starting to see businesses profit from this baby that is still in utero.

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the pottery firm Emma Bridgewater, located in Stoke-on-Trent, England is already producing blue, red, and white mugs emblazoned with the words: “A royal baby in 2013.” This company made a huge profit off of merchandise from the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so this is a natural progression.  “It’s also apparent from the media coverage over the last 24 hours that the American market will be strong too, so we’re hoping this will help us move more sales into the United States,” head of manufacturing Mark Thomas said to the BBC. Emma Bridgewater will make another design with the baby’s name when it is born.”

This baby is just another way Kate Middleton is the best thing that ever happened to the Royal Family. Nude pictures schmude pictures. Kate has been a great asset to the Royals and England in general.

Washington Post writer Autumn Brewington, “Her appealing image as an ordinary woman who happened to marry a handsome prince has inspired an illusory sense of pride that the couple have leveled social distinctions in a historically class-conscious society. Yet the resurgence in the royals’ popularity entrenches those divisions even as Britain seeks to move past them.”

Kate has had such a profound impact that the share of Britons who thought the monarchy would be around in 50 years had risen to 56%. ”She’s really moulded her own image,” Alanna Glicksman told CBC, a consultant with communications and public relations giant Hill & Knowlton Strategies in Toronto. ”In my opinion, Kate has redefined the definition of the people’s princess. She’s really changed the game for how people view the Royal Family and especially the younger generation of the Royal Family.”


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