The Kardashians’ New Makeup Line Keeps Getting Complaints

Another company has filed a complaint against the Kardashians because, you know, it’s Wednesday. Today’s threats have to do with their new makeup line, Khroma, which has been getting a lot of complaints since June, because of its name.

In June Chroma Makeup Studio issued a public statement complaining that the Kardashians’ new beauty line, Khroma, would cause consumer confusion. Khroma is owned by Boldface. From NY Mag: “Although they didn’t file legal charges, Chroma’s co-owners did threaten to defend their trademarked name, adding disdainfully that they are “NOT endorsing low budget cosmetic products that will be sold in mass retail outlets.”

Now another makeup line, Florida-based Kroma makeup, is joining in on the fun with similar claims. Kroma sent a cease-and-desist letter to Boldface, claiming that the Kardashians’ Khroma Beauty infringed on their trademark of Kroma but Boldface denied the allegations. Boldface states in their legal documents that the name Kroma “consists solely of a descriptive term and lacks any inherent distinctive meaning to the relevant consuming public and therefore, is conceptually weak.”

Couldn’t they have just called it Kardashian makeup? Or ‘Nightclub makeup for daytime’? Something tells me this complaint, or any of these complaints, will be slowing the Kardashians down as they promote the cosmetics line this month.

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