Bullish: 2012 In Review (and Bullish Moves Back to TheGloss!)

Jennifer Dziura writes Bullish, a career and life coaching column that will henceforth appear weekly on TheGloss. An archive of columns appearing on The Grindstone is here.


Throughout 2012, Bullish and TheGrindstone published articles about starting a business (out of mere flashes of fancy and shiny pennies!), negotiating for more money, succeeding despite backstabbers, bullies, and less ambitious life partners, getting your first job or internship, coping with deadlines, networking despite being an introvert who’d rather stay home and write business haiku, developing unstoppable tech skills, and otherwise making your life more awesome than the lives of the lazy people all around us.

(*Also, the “bullicorn” thing originated here.)

It is with a melange of wistful sadness and irrepressible hope for the future that I announce that The Grindstone is changing formats, and Bullish will no longer appear here.

Instead, Bullish will appear weekly on TheGloss.com, with some Q&A content appearing onGetBullish.com.

Here are 2012’s columns! Even if you’ve already read most of them, you could go back and make a to-do list and DO ALL THE THINGS this holiday season while everyone else is in an eggnog-fog.

Bullish: Where To Get A Kickass Business Idea (Also: Whiskey And Knitting)

You don’t need to have all the ideas yourself! Take mine! Take surveys!

Bullish: When Your Male Partner is Not Exactly Helping Your Career

Such as by watching television right next to you while you telecommute.

Bullish: Coping With Career Suckage You Have No Control Over (Or DO You…?)

Bullish Q&A: When Your Success Is Based On Shadowy, Unspoken Rules

Bullish: Behind On A Deadline? Read This.

Bullish: How To Compete When You’re Young And Inexperienced

Bullish: How To Reduce (Un-) Productivity Guilt

“Practically every woman I know lives in a state of near-constant guilt for not getting enough done.”Solution: DECLARE A THEME.

Bullish: How Formal Should You Be At Work? (XOXO LOL!)

Bullish: The Things I Was Trying To Say To The Women Of Dartmouth Before I Passed Out

This really happened. If your college hires me to speak, it almost certainly will not happen again.

Bullish: How to Recover From Career Stagnation And Plan An Awesome Life

Bullish: What Men Need to Know About Negotiating With Women

I’m not some boy you can beat up on the playground and then continue to be emotionally-repressed friends with.

Bullish: How To Sell Yourself As An Expert

Bullish: A Metaphor About Shoe Shopping That Is 100% Relevant To Hard-Nosed Business Thinking

I think it’s time that frivolous girl-metaphors be just as allowable in business as frivolous boy-metaphors. This one is about sunk costs.

Bullish: How One Best Responds To Massive F*cking Disrespect

Bullish: Are You Overbooked And Too Busy To Think?

Bullish: Marketing Yourself Without Being An A**hole

Bullish: 5 (More) Ways to Combat Summer Laziness

I wrote this in a bikini.

Bullish: 5 Ways To Combat Summer Laziness

This column smells like rum.

Bullish: On the Topic of Women Who Don’t Work (Anti-Feminists? Aspirational Figures? Unicorns?)

Bullish: My To-Do List Revolution

Bullish: Successful People Are Up at the Crack of Dawn (A Debate With Laura Vanderkam)

Bullish: Three Tips for Pitching Your Dream Gig (And Why You Need To Pitch)

You can’t get your dream gig if you never ask. You’d be amazed how few people you’re actually competing with when you narrow the pool down to people who are actually ballsy enough to ask for what they want.

Bullish: How Negotiating A Raise Is Like Dating

If you’ve ever not slept with someone who was trying really hard to get into your pants, then you’ve probably already mastered the ability to look really unimpressed.

Bullish: How To Ask for More Money, Q&A

Bullish: How To Ask for More Money, Part II

Why focus so much on money? For your future self! For feminism! As part of being nice to people! (Really.)

Bullish: How To Ask For More Money, Part I

The beginning of a four-part series on making more money.

Bullish: Reg Braithwaite On How Tech Can Help Women, Minorities, And Any Non-Schmoozers

Sixty-plus years ago, Reg Braithwaite’s mother used computer programming to fight racism.

Bullish: Tech Skills Are Not Optional For Your Career

I just don’t think there’s any excuse for, “Oh, I’m just bad at technology.” Would you say, “Oh, I’m just terrible at English?” 

Bullish: Be A Badass, Not An Intern

Bullish: Kim Boekbinder On Making A Living As An Artist

Bullish: Getting Bullish on Bullies

Bullish: Do You Belong In An Institution?

I always harp on multiple income streams – I don’t want any one boss to have enough power over me that he or she can tell me when to get up in the morning and where to sit for forty hours per week.

Bullish: Career Killers You Might Not Know Are Killing You

Bullish: The Nerdy, Reflective Person’s Guide To Networking

Bullish: Teamwork Is Overrated (How To Be A Lone Unicorn)

Bullish: What I Learned About Business from Being a Low-Rent Model

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    • Lastango

      “…mere flashes of fancy and shiny pennies!”

      I read that line too fast the first time. :~o


      Seriously, thanks for all the Bullishness. We need all the real-world, can-do, problem-solving thinking we can get!