Dating Taylor Swift Is Good For Your Career, So Go For It!

Old-school career tips include networking, working hard, and dressing for the job you want. Here’s a new-school career tip: Date Taylor Swift. As it turns out, many of Swift’s already-famous boyfriends have received a career boost from their connection to her.

The highly unscientific observation comes from E! columnist Leslie Gornstein, who looked at Q scores (a measurement of public regard), IMDB’s “Starmeter,” record sales and casting news to determine the effect of dating Swift on the careers of three of her most famous paramours. Here’s what she found:

Taylor Lautner: He’s basically done nothing other than appear in the Twilight series, and he was at his peak popularity in 2009 roughly when he dated Swift for “like a minute.” But his Q scores among women ages 18 to 49 has risen significantly. The Swift seal of approval?

John Mayer: The noted douchebag and dater of celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson also dated Swift in 2009. He got a fame boost when Swift wrote the song “Dear John” about him (allegedly), although he also reacted to it in typical douche-y fashion by calling it “cheap songwriting.” Still, he has sold tons of music since their relationship, including his third no. 1 record in May.

Jake Gyllenhall: He was famous when he dated Swift in 2010, and he’s still famous now. Meanwhile, his Q score has risen.

OK, so this doesn’t prove concretely that dating Taylor Swift is a sure career booster. But it does suggest it doesn’t hurt. As for Swift herself, her career is on fire, so she can pretty much date who she wants — as long as the relationship provides good fodder for a song.

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