Female Doctors And Lawyers Are Taking Over The World

Times they are a changin’. According to new national data, women account for a third of the nation’s lawyers and doctors, a major shift from a generation ago when those professions were occupied almost exclusively by men.

“That’s very significant progress,” Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a nonprofit group in Washington told The Wall Street Journal. “In the midst of a lot of evidence that women’s progress has plateaued, nevertheless we can see that women are still making progress in some very professional, high-wage fields.” From The WSJ:

Women held 33.4% of legal jobs—including lawyers, judges, magistrates and other judicial workers—in 2010, up from 29.2% in 2000. The share of female physicians and surgeons increased to 32.4% from 26.8% during that time.

In 1970, women were 9.7% of the nation’s doctors and just 4.9% of its lawyers.

This is great news, but we still see a major gap when it comes to compensation. In 2007, the median income—the point at which half earn more and half earn less—of female lawyers was $90,000, compared with $122,000 for male lawyers, according to research by Harvard economists Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz. The median income of female physicians was $112,128, compared with $186,916 for male physicians.

The pay gap can be attributed to the usual reasons of more women take time off to raise their children than men. But basic, good old-fashioned discrimination could also be a factor. More women are going to college and grad school at the best institutions in the world but this is still happening. According to Annie-Rose Strasser of ThinkProgress, in law, women are earning about 74 cents for every dollar a man earns. For physicians, that drops down to 60 cents on the dollar. It’s estimated that over their careers, female doctors lose an average of $350,000 to this wage gap.

We are still seeing less women in law management positions because of the extensive time requirement.  At large law firms, women make up just 15% of equity partners, according to a survey released in October by the National Association of Women Lawyers. Of the 200 firms surveyed, just 4% had a woman at the helm in the role of firm-wide managing partner. Another survey found that twice as many female doctors as male doctors work less than full-time: 44% of women, compared to 22% of men.

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    • Lastango

      Well, two things. First, a very good article appeared yesterday, offering some surprising findings regarding the take-over-the-world shtick:


      For one thing, supposedly “women-friendly” policies regarding family leave — which were supposed to position women to climb further up the corporate ladder — may be having the opposite effect.


      Then there are the lawyers. Gawd help ‘em. The profession is crumbling around their ears, law school enrollments are dropping, and paychecks shrinking. The number of people who have law degrees but can’t make a living in the field is huge.

      The bubble in lawyers was created by the financial bubble. We’re finding out we are nowhere near as wealthy as we pretended we were. Our massive debts can’t be repaid, real incomes have dropped to levels not seen in decades and personal wealth for the median American is way down compared to just a few years ago. Our society, including its corporations and institutiions, could never support the enormous legal class we created. False profits and unsustainable revenue streams paid the bill for these unproductive professionals. Big employers of lawyers (especially women lawyers) like universities and the NGO sector are under financial pressure. Now the bill is coming due — and the lawyers are being cast aside because we’re finally being forced to admit we never needed them and can’t afford them.

    • Charly

      14 % of military forces is female, THANK YOU MEN FORM OUR FREEDOM :-)