This University Is Live-Tweeting Its Job Interviews

By this point we know that Twitter can help you get a job: The social medium lends itself to networking, and more than half of recruiters now say they use it to find candidates. But how would you feel if your prospective employer decided to live-tweet your job interview? A college in Tennessee is currently doing just that with three candidates for a high-level position.

Tennessee Tech University, a top-ranked public university about 70 miles east of Nashville, is in the market for a new CIO. It has narrowed the field down to three candidates, the last one of whom will interview for the job today. And the school is live-tweeting them all.

Public universities have a responsibility to do most things, well, in public. That includes hiring and meetings, though there’s no legal requirement to share every last detail of their job interviews. Still, it’s in that spirit that the school posted photos and resumes for the three finalists online. Jeffery Anderson, Reid Christenberry, and Robert Gerhart are all sitting down at open 50-minute meetings where they’ll answer questions from faculty, staff, and students. Those meetings are being live-tweeted at @tennesseetech with the hashtag #CIOsearch.

My biggest question: How incredibly awkward is it to have your job interview live-tweeted if your current employer doesn’t know you’re out on the market? The Wall Street Journal answers this by talking to an expert who reassures them “it’s widely understood that CIOs who have been around for a while will likely be looking for new career opportunities elsewhere.” This is particularly true at public universities, where the search process is traditionally extremely open. Even with that understanding, however, this is a brave new world.

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